It’s Time….Summer MBSR!

Yes, it’s time to register for Summer MBSR!

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is an eight-week course that teaches basic awareness skills that ultimately lead to less suffering and better functioning! All human beings have the capacity for moment to moment awareness “built in” but often do not know how to tap into and use it as a resource. MBSR helps develop your ability to navigate life with focus, wisdom and compassion. It’s no surprise that this can greatly enhance overall quality of life!

The course is taught by Geri Wilimek, LICSW, a 40year resident of the Bemidji area, and a Certified MBSR teacher, who studied in the Mindfulness programs at both University of Massachusetts Medical School and Brown University’s School of Public Health.

While meditation can be associated with various spiritual practices, MBSR is fueled mostly by modern neuroscience and social science, and is compatible with whatever spiritual practice a person may or may not have.

Classes this summer will meet on Wednesday mornings.

Click on Class Schedule for details, and Registration to fill out the initial registration form, which saves your spot in the class.

An ONLINE Orientation Session is required in order to take the class: 6:00pm–7:30pm June 1, 2022 . LINK: Meeting ID: 881 9005 1252

I’m looking forward to seeing you! Geri