MBSR Registration

Winter 2021 MBSR begins with Orientation

Orientation is required in order to register for the class!

Tuesday, January 26,  6:00pm-7:30pm

This will be an online meeting: A Zoom link will be posted on the home page at geriwilimekmbsr.com

Instructions for Registration

1.  Download and read these items  before January 26, 2021 Orientation: 

2.  Download and complete these registration forms:

3.  To reserve your place in class, return the above-required forms to me on or before the day of Orientation by any one of the following methods:

(1) Scan completed forms and attach them in an  e-mail to  geriwilimek@gmail.com Use MBSR REGISTRATION in the subject line.

(2) Just print, fill out and snail-mail them to me at:

Geri C. Wilimek 51659 219th Ave.  Bemidji MN  56601


(3) Forms can be completed at the Orientation and Registration session if you are taking an in-person MBSR Class.

If taking the course online, you can complete forms and email them the same day or day after the Orientation session. Forms must be received by the first day of class, February 2, 2021.