MBSR Registration

Summer 2019  Course Registration


You must attend the Orientation, Tuesday, June 11, 2019, 8:00am to 10:30 am in order to take Summer 2019 MBSR.  

We will do Orientation and Class#1 in combination on this date.  So it is important to be there.  By the end of this class you will have a sense of its potential value to you, and it should help you decide whether to enroll for the entire  summer session.

Location:  True North Health Care 514 Beltrami Ave.

1.  Download and read these items  before June 11, 8:00am Orientation/Class #1 

Welcome MBSR Orientation Required reading before Orientation

Research Required reading for registration

MBSR for educators. I have a resource page for educator.  Click here to access this page

2.  Download and complete these registration forms.  

Participant Information  Required  for registration

PaymentOptions  Required for registration

5 Informed Consent Su19  Required  for registration

Guidelines For Class  Required reading for registration

Desired Outcomes  Required for registration

3.  To reserve your place in class, return the above-required forms to me by any one of the following methods:

(1) Scan completed forms and attach them in an  e-mail to  geriwilimek@gmail.com

(2) Just print, fill out and snail-mail them to me at:

Geri C. Wilimek, ℅ Wildgen Wilimek and Associates   1526 30th St. NW  Bemidji MN ATTN: MBSR

(3) Forms can be completed at the Orientation and Registration session, but you need to come early and turn them in before class. Extra forms will be available at the  Orientation site.