Weekly Class Assignments

Each week you can check this page on Monday to see materials for the upcoming Tuesday Evening class.

Orientation: January 28, 2020

Here are the Orientation Handouts for Winter 2020 MBSR.


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Class#1: February 4, 2020

Welcome wk1            Homework wk1      3Up-Downstream Fable 

4MindfulMeal              Nine Dots wk1

Guided Body Scan Geri

Class #2  February 11, 2020

Welcome wk2           Homework wk2    LogPleasant 

WhatIsIt#1          WhatIsIt#2            WhatIsIt#3       

 Guided Body Scan  

Class #3 February 18, 2020

NOTE: Remember we don’t have class next week, so this homework pertains to the two week period between classes. This will be a great time to recommit to the daily practices that will support greater skillfulness and less stress.

 Guided Body Scan Geri  

Guided Standing Yoga Geri Guided Standing Yoga:  Geri Wilimek

You can download printable images of the standing yoga sequence by clicking below:

Guided Awareness Of Breath Geri Click Here

You are encouraged to practice Awareness of Breath (AOB) without the recorded guide whenever you can. It is a practice that you can carry with you and do “on the spot” as desired or needed!

Class #4 March 3, 2020

Guided Floor Yoga Geri

Use the following illustrations clarify the postures in the Floor Yoga sequence

You can download printable copies of the floor yoga sequence here

 Guided Body Scan Geri  

Class #5 March 10, 2020

Guided Sitting Meditation Geri [audiosrc=”https://geriwilimek.files.wordpress.com/2020/01/mbsr-sitting-meditation-.mp3″%5D

Guided Standing Yoga Geri Guided Standing Yoga:  Geri Wilimek

 Guided Body Scan Geri  

Here is an image of the lesson on stress and the body for your review. Protecting and Connecting are both basic to our ability to survive as a species. The arousal of stress and the ease of connection occur every day, sometimes with subtlety and sometimes with intensity. By paying attention to these shifts felt in the body throughout the day, we can learn ways of directing ourselves toward calm connection with ourselves and others. This leads to better access to our innate intelligence, and improves decision making, relationships with others, and skills like learning and problem solving.

You can print this out using the following links:

Class #6 March 17, 2020

Guided Sitting Meditation Lynn Korbel audio src=”https://geriwilimek.files.wordpress.com/2018/04/recording.mp3″][/audio]  Guided Sitting Meditation:  Lynn Korbel

Guided Floor Yoga Geri

Guided Standing Yoga Geri Guided Standing Yoga:  Geri Wilimek

 Guided Body Scan Geri  

PLAN to Attend the All Day Retreat Saturday, March 21, 2020!

All Day Retreat March 21, 2020

The All Day Silent Retreat is an important part of MBSR. Current and past participants in MBSR are invited to this retreat, which lasts from 9:00am to 4:00pm. The day is guided by your teacher, Geri Wilimek. You will learn new formal practices, and use the skills you have developed in class.

Class #7 March 24, 2020

Class #8 March 31, 2020

Sometimes it is helpful to use a visual guide when practicing the yoga sequences at home. You can download and print copies as follows: