Guided Practices

Hi, everyone from MBSR classes past present and future!  This page is for you.  Here you can access to the materials for the four basic practices that cultivate mindfulness in everyday life.  The guided recordings are designed to help you exercise your  inherent ability to give your life the attention it deserves.

 If you are interested in taking the 8- Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course, inquire at  Put MBSR in the subject line.  Press the FOLLOW button in the lower right side of the screen, and you will receive  notice when registration opens for the next class!

 These materials are provided for your personal use only.   They are most effective when practiced in the context of the full 8-Week MBSR course.  

This moment, this breath
Short, Simple Focused Awareness ©Geri Wilimek 2021
FOCUSED AWARENESS : ©Geri Wilimek 2021
GUIDED BODY SCAN: © Geri Wilimek
GUIDED BODY SCAN, BRIEF: © Geri Wilimek 2021
Guided Standing Yoga: Geri Wilimek © Geri Wilimek
Standing Yoga Sequence 1
Standing Yoga Sequence 2

Guided Lying Down Yoga © Geri Wilimek
Lying Down Yoga Sequence p1
Lying Down Yoga Sequence p2
Guided Sitting Meditation ©Geri Wilimek