All Day Retreat Keeps on Giving

Winter 2013 classes and past MBSR participants gathered for a day of  silent meditation practice  on Saturday March 16, 2013.  It was a sunny day after a snow storm, white, cold and sparkling.   At the All Day Silent Retreat held on March 17 one  year ago a tepid breeze and greening grass enabled outdoor practice! I enjoy hearing from people as they reflect on different aspects of the retreat: mindfully eating lunch; for some the relief and others the  discomfort of not speaking all day; the freedom to decide from moment to moment how to hold a yoga pose, or where to direct lovingkindness.  People also declare value in working with unpleasantness: sleepiness, headaches, difficult memories or fears.  The event encourages us to return again and again to present moment awareness, letting go of judgment, gently acknowledging, rather than resisting or modifying experience as it arises.  The value of awareness reveals itself to each person uniquely.  The All Day Retreat provides quiet, respectful space for this to happen.