Caribou got it right!


You really can’t argue with the wisdom of Caribou Coffee…life is, indeed, short and we don’t want to miss a thing! Yet, because of our tendency to be on “autopilot” we do miss things…lots of things, like the taste of a tangerine, or the sweetness of a child in the grocery cart as we wait at the checkout…too rushed to sit and pet the cat for five minutes; too pressured to stay in the shower for a few extra seconds, just because it feels good.  We can get a pretty hard and fast idea of what HAS to happen each day, and in accomplishing it, rush past many of life’s riches.  Caribou’s clever motto offers us coffee so we don’t sleep our lives away…But wait….there’s another way.    Forget the caffeine, mindfulness practice can enable us to get our kicks from life itself.  Mindfulness is the gradual replacement of blind habit with simple awareness.  Learn how, with Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.  Subscribe to this site to get updates on future classes, or email the instructor, Geri Wilimek, at