Quiet Day; Rich Experience


Most people can see the merits of silence and reflection for an hour or two…but…a whole day?   And, no less, a Saturday, when so many other things  need doing…..

Well, 18 people set aside the hours of 9:00am to 4:00pm Saturday April 16 2016 to exist in a supportive community of silence. The experience was, enriching and, at times, difficult just like the rest of life!  Awareness was explored through mindful eating, sitting and walking meditation, gentle yoga, body scan and lovingkindness practices.  Each person brought to bear seven weeks of meditation training from Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction class, along with their own commitment, courage and curiosity.  If you’ve taken MBSR in the past, consider coming to the Summer All Day Silent Retreat.   Dates will be announced soon.  Subscribe to this site to get updates on MBSR, and explore the site for resources that support mindfulness practice.