We begin again.

IMG_2256Summer MBSR is underway!   We explore our “basic equipment”:  eyes, ears, nose, mouth and body (fleshy sensations arising from skin/muscle/joint/bone).  It’s slow going by usual standards, but everyone in class is engaged as we look more closely at  actual felt experience of life moment by moment. We spend a half-hour eating a raisin; we linger for almost an hour scanning the body, noticing and observing from toes to crown of the head.   This kind of attention is rich with thought:  memory, anticipation, insight and new perspective.  And with thought comes emotion:  warmth, nostalgia, longing and worry.  It’s all the stuff we are made of, and knowing this is the point of mindfulness practice.  So on we go, with sincere intent to practice daily, carefully and kindly observing, fine tuning our amazing capacity for awareness.