2013-07-05-got-back-pain-when-sleeping-heres-how-to-fix-it-inlinePeople have many surprising experiences when first practicing the body scan.  Have you ever “zoned out” or slept while doing the body scan?  Felt bored or impatient?  Or been  uncomfortable with a particular area of the body?  These feelings are likely the very same things that come up daily at home, work or play.  You may view them as “problems” when they affect or interfere with your daily agenda. Who needs sleepiness when trying to study… Or knee pain when walking the dog…. Or low back pain when trying to fix the vacuum cleaner?

Body scan practice is an invitation to explore  body experience as it is, without being colored by an agenda, goal or competing activity. This is why it is important to begin the body scan by remembering that during the body scan, there is nothing to do but show up, moment by moment, observing, learning, and witnessing  experience as it unfolds. There really is no more to it.

Explore this moment through body scan meditation!