Be here for your life! Fall 2018 MBSR

We humans are surprisingly similar, experiencing a full range of everything from ease to difficulty as we do our best to live our lives.  Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, (MBSR),  is a scientifically supported approach to helping people suffer less and improve functioning in their lives.  The core skills of MBSR are awareness of body, awareness of thinking, and compassion.  All of these skills can be learned, and are taught using a variety of meditation practices, such as body scan, sitting meditation, gentle stretching (yoga), walking meditation, and work with self-acceptance, gratitude, and compassion.  The course dedicates 8 weeks to learn and develop the skills that bring more richness to personal experience,  and to relationships with others.

Morning and Evening MBSR classes will be offered Fall, 2018.  Consider taking the time to clarify your direction and focus in life, and hone your skills at navigating stress.

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