May Peace Prevail on Earth

You know that white Peace Pole planted in the garden at Harmony Food Coop?  PeacePoleHaronyDid you know that it is one of 250, 000 Peace Poles planted all over the world?  There is a growing network of people all over the world who intentionally affirm the simple sentiment, “May Peace Prevail on Earth”.  While these can be powerful words, there is another way to affirm our support for peace on earth:  there is a silent embodied way to  express this in a Japanese tradition called the IN (pronounced “een”).  The Divine Spark IN, a series of graceful gestures with the hands and arms, will be taught Tuesday November 7, 2017  at 6:00pm at First Lutheran Church upstairs Labyrinth room.  Please consider this an invitation to learn and  practice this graceful, silent and powerful affirmation of our connectedness and desire for nonviolence; for peace.  

All Day Silent Retreat


Summer can get a bit harried…sometimes its nice to veer off in a restorative direction.  For everyone who has taken MBSR, this is an invitation to spend a day quietly regenerating your meditation practice.  We will be meeting Saturday, July 29, 2017 at Beltrami Electric Community Room, 9:00am to 4:00pm. Plan on spending the day in quiet guided practice.  It’s a great review of the many mindfulness practices introduced in MBSR class.  There will be healthy snacks provided; pack a lunch to be eaten mindfully at noon.  Click hereto read more about important details.  E-mail Geri if you have questions; and let me know if you plan on attending, as this helps me plan for the day.  

Summer MBSR for Teachers!

IMG_5888 (1)

Teachers, this is your chance to learn Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, an empirically supported approach to stress reduction that enhances human functioning in all areas of life. Classroom teachers are subject to some of the highest levels of workplace stress. Passion for the work is essential, but can be dampened with chronic stress exposure.  Learning mindfulness skills can transform the classroom experience for you and for your students.  Basic research on mindfulness in the classroom will be presented as part of Orientation.  The course presents an array of mindfulness skills over the eight weeks, and supports your practice both in and outside of class .  The course is being offered especially for teachers this summer.  It will meet Tuesday mornings from 9:00am to 11:30 and spans the summer, June 6 (required orientation) through August 8.  There will be a break for July 4th holiday.   CLICK HERE  to learn more

All Day Retreat!


Just a reminder…no  matter what you have to do this spring, refreshing your mindfulness practice will help you focus and enjoy it more.  The Winter 2017 MBSR All Day Retreat is an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and your mindfulness practice.

All  MBSR participants past and present are invited Saturday, April 29, 2017.  This guided all day retreat is part of the Winter, 2017 MBSR curriculum.  It gives a great review and reboot to anyone who has taken MBSR in the past  and wants to review mindfulness skills or  begin anew with daily practice.  No lists, no pens, paper or electronics.  Just bring yourself and your mindfully prepared lunch.

Where: Beltrami Electric Community Room  4111 Technology Drive Bemidji, MN

When:  Saturday April 29, 2017  9:00am to 4:00pm  Come a few minutes early for Coffee and conversation, and so you can settle in for the day.

What:  Bring a lunch you have packed yourself to eat at noon; bring layers of clothing for comfort, and any extra pillows blankets or props you need for comfort.

Water, coffee and tea and healthy snacks will be provided!

Cushions, blankets and chairs will be provided.

E-mail Geri at if you plan on coming.  If you decide to come when you wake up Saturday morning, jus COME on over!

All Day Silent Retreat  Click for more details

Looking forward to seeing and practicing with you.


IMG_5660.… is that tattered rag in the cleaning bin;  the one that melts your heart with its softness  and cloudy stains; the one that can handle  the world’s dust  and absorb  all tears.

As winter MBSR begins, we are committed to learning practices that inevitably challenge our habitual ways of being.  To spend 20 minutes eating a raisin, or  45 minutes moving  attention, inch by inch though our bodies is for most, a departure from the familiar.  Awareness, opens us to thoughts, sensations and emotions, pleasant, unpleasant and neutral.  In the process we rummage deeply  to find that “rag in the bin” that can take care, no matter what the joy; no matter what the mess.


Winter 2017 MBSR


Feeling a little house-bound?  Need a new perspective on life?  Most of us do this time of year…Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) may be just the “new view”  you’re looking for!  This evidence-based course teaches skills of attention, calm alert focus, emotional regulation and self compassion-the ingredients that ultimately help us connect with ourselves, others, and our world in more effective and positive ways.

The course is based on the MBSR program pioneered by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical school.  Since 1979 thousands of people and organizations have benefitted from this training in areas as diverse as education, medicine, law, social welfare, sports, military, clergy, art, parenting, caregiving-anywhere that our lives call us to discover and use our built-in sensitivity and goodness as human beings.

For information on upcoming classes, CLICK HERE

To pre-register, CLICK HERE



Another amazing day


Saturday August 6 was just another amazing day, spent silently by all who attended the All Day MBSR Silent Retreat.  Skills were learned and practiced throughout the day:  sitting, walking; eating; stretching; all with awareness, and as needed, self compassion:

….may we be at ease with ourselves and the circumstances of our lives…may we see clearly when we have given too much or too little……may we always feel free to begin again…..

If you missed this All Day Retreat, plan on attending the next one, April 29, 2017. To be held at Beltrami Electric Cooperative Community Room,  9:AM-4:pm

 Click here   for details.